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Does Your Business Depend On Your Computers?
If you are like so many other CEO's in the Age of Globalization, then your computers are a critical component in your company's daily economic life. From emailing proposals to processing credit cards, invoicing to accounting, payroll to sales taxes, internet access to website content creation, the list goes on & on. If something goes wrong and your LAN goes down, then you are in big trouble until it gets fixed. Do a little math and you can quickly figure out that every minute that it is down is costing you big time. 
If You Have Many Employees, Downtime Is Disastrous!
Even worse, if you have employees that use your computer network to collaborate and conduct daily business operations, then if the network, a server or the internet goes down you have a real productivity disaster on your hands. Your payroll clock is ticking and precious little real work is getting done. You need this downtime disaster remedied in a hurry!
Who Are You Going to Call?
Downtime is money, so who can you call to fix your problems ASAP? You probably have several names & numbers in mind, because this is a drill that has happened before. Again, if you are like most people, you have experienced some winners and some losers in the Emergency Break/Fix technical support department - so you have your short list handy for just such a situation. But what are you going to do if they are unavailable or if the problem is outside the expertise of their available technician?

Call the Pros at LANCOPS
We have decades of experience maintaining business networks, and we are part of a nationwide network of field support engineers who also backup most of the Primary MSP's, MSSP's, and Vendors to the Fortune 1000. So, we can escalate your most serious problems to the right specialist for prompt resolution. Best of all, we can provide immediate remote desktop support, if you still have internet access, that allows us to work on your problem without losing time in transit. You can even watch what we are doing and learn a little something about how we diagnose & fix computer problems.

Your Source for Security 3.0 Deployment Assistance
If you have valuable data that is either highly proprietary or protected by compliance laws, then you may want to consider upgrading your current computer security system to the emerging Security 3.0 Standard. While this state-of-the-art network security is highly desirable, it is extremely challenging to deploy in a legacy production environment and improper configuration can result in severe stability & performance problems. Deployment Best Practices for bleeding edge technologies dictates that you perform a pilot test rollout to simulate your network environment and look for any potential interoperability problems before attempting a live, system-wide deployment. 

LANCOPS can help you with Security 3.0 technology deployment, testing and upgrades. We can also help you with your need for continous network security monitoring.

LANCOPS SecureNET Services, LLC can be contacted at 828-226-0136 for a consultation or emergency technical support.