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RDX Evaluation

We have been evaluating RDX storage technology for suitability in a range of IT department operations.

Specifically, we are testing the following products from HPE: 

HPE RDX USB3 External Removable Disk Backup System models C8S07A & C8S07B

This small, light weight USB 3.0 drive has a ton of uses in a typical IT department, and it uses actual 2.5" hard drive ruggedized cartridges so capacity is unlimited! Just buy more cartridges.
HPE RDX USB3 Removable Disk Cartridge 2 TB Q2046A

We have been testing the drive unit with 2TB cartridges, and, so far, we are mightily impressed with the speed & reliability. Especially when creating & restoring full hard drive images for disaster recovery. Best of all, that little red write protect tab allows drives to be mounted RO (Read-Only) when desired - like when restoring a virus infected computer from its golden image.

One Std Cartridge/Many Drive Types

Since RDX technology is now fully standardized, many OEMs offer RDX drives in all sorts of configurations, including external, internal and NAS.

Why we needed a solution like this:

  1. Some of our security work involves recovery from targeted APT malware attacks. Workstation recovery using stored golden images is often the only reliable & cost-effective method of disinfection, and golden images must be kept on write protected media to stay uninfected in a typical production network.  Most consumer grade USB drives do not have hardware-based write protection, so they can become compromised easily when in use and even facilitate the accidental spread of malware in a network. RDX wins.

  2. Forensic image or data capture mandates that analysis be performed on a write protected copy of the targeted machine's hard drive, not the actual drive - which must be secured to protect the chain of custody for possible prosecution. Another job best done with RDX.

  3. We often try out new software apps in a virtualized test lab environment, and we've been known to test apps to the breaking point. Restoring a crashed VM instance from the saved copy on an RDX cartridge is a snap! (Hmm... maybe we could actually boot & run a VM directly from an RDX cartridge?)

  4. Having all the standardized departmental workstation images for an enterprise online in an RDX NAS with read-only cartridges installed is a dream come true! Now we can create the golden images in our Ring 0 Lab, throw the write protect switch, and mount them on the LAN for fast, easy workstation recovery & new deployments. Sweet!

  5. No more tape backups!!! No more failed tape backup restores because a tape crinkled in a drive. No more waiting to restore a data file that is further down the tape. Just fast, random access to removable hard drive storage that can be write protected, archived and reused over & over again. Life is good, again!

Broken Workstation?
  • Failed hard drive
  • Malware attack
  • OS corruption
  • Unknown cause
Routine Recovery Process
  • Attach RDX in RO mode
  • Boot recover app CD
  • Click Restore Image
  • Boot with restored image
  • Restore last data backup
We are done!

Notify user they can resume normal operations...

Okay, what's next on the 
To Do List?

Our recommendation: shop around a little and get a good bundle price on an RDX drive and a 2TB cartridge. Try it out in your IT Lab and see if it works for you too. 

Prices vary a lot, but RDX is a standard - so hunt for a good deal from a highly-rated vendor. If you like it, well... you know the drill.

If you need technical assistance with implementing an RDX Storage Solution, try contacting the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center - HPE RDX Removable Disk Backup System Group HERE...

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can be contacted at 828-226-0136 for a consultation or emergency technical support.