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We are committed to researching, pilot rollout testing and deploying the very latest technologies that improve the security, performance, efficiency, cost and availability of information systems. Therefore, when we encounter a very promising emerging technology with a bright future, we eagerly seek out a prospective client that could benefit from a successful deployment in their organization and offer them the opportunity to become a pilot study site for us.

While this might sound a little risky at first glance, please realize that we are very conservative, middle-of-the-road adopters with excellent continuous uptime track records, so we are very careful to create a controlled pilot rollout program with a staged rollout of new technology that does not negatively impact legacy software, systems and daily operations.

If you see a pilot rollout opportunity on this webpage that offers benefits that you might want to realize at a substantial cost savings, then please contact the manager in charge to discuss your interest.

Current Pilot Study Opportunities

Hybrid Monitoring & Management
How can you save money on your IT budget without sacrificing system availability if you don't have centralized network security monitoring and management of your entire LAN/WAN infrastructure? 

If your network performance is suffering from a lack of centralized device management, including device status monitoring, traffic shaping, O/S & app patching, alert logging & analysis and remote support, then you might be a candidate for a pilot test rollout of a LAN management system.
We are looking for a candidate client who is suitable for a next generation hybrid network security monitoring & LAN/WAN management platform and managed security service. This proposed hybrid security platform would give you unprecedented visibility & control into your network infrastructure & packet traffic, as well as partner you with an ecosystem of advanced network security professionals standing ready to respond to any network security emergency or system outage.
And, even more important, this new approach to network monitoring & security management includes training your existing IT personnel in security best practices and the daily use of the new technology to detect a host compromise as early as possible so that a rapid response malware containment & host integrity recovery process can return your operations back to normal as quickly as possible.

LANCOPS SecureNET Services, LLC can be contacted at 828-226-0136 for a consultation or emergency technical support.