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Product Reviews

Our many years of IT field experience and advanced analytical skills make us the ideal technology partner for an impartial product review. Whether you are an OEM with a cutting edge product ready for market, or a cautious consumer wanting the best product at a fair price, we can put your product through its paces and give it the real world tough testing that you need & deserve. And you can count on us to be both thorough, impartial, and totally fair - we have no axes to grind.

Here are our Current In-Process Product Reviews

RDX Storage Products
Every IT department has the same basic
set of file storage problems: not enough
secure, reliable, high speed storage
media, no physical write-protection on
portable random access media, and
nothing HD based that is likely to survive
a 3 foot drop test.

RDX hard disk cartridges & drives to the
RDX HD Cartridges
RDX cartridges contain a shock mounted
2.5" hard drive in capacities from 320MB
to 2TB and beyond - enclosed in a
durable, drop resistant high impact
plastic shell. These cartridges are manufactured by several different OEM's,
but all cartridges are interchangeable in
the many different RDX drive units, so
you can mix & match however you need
RDX Drives
RDX standalone drives are available in
USB 3.0 & SATA formats, and RDX NAS
drives can keep up to 8 RDX cartridges
online and ready for use over your LAN.
We're in the middle of our review, but,
so far, we love this product line.

Our RDX Review Summary is here.

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