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Service Providers
In this age of globalization & outsourcing, most businesses, regardless of size, will soon have to find ways to reduce operating costs in order to remain competitive.

For many of these organizations, it is now time to take a fresh look at IT costs/benefits and consider if some IT services could be more efficiently provided by 3rd party service providers: LIKE YOU!

Service Provider Networks

Fortunately, there is a growing ecosystem of service providers with thousands of highly qualified field service technicians stationed throughout the U.S., and these service providers routinely work together to dispatch the right person for the right job.

LANCOPS is a Part of this Network

We are already benefiting from participation in these Service Provider Networks, and we highly recommend it to other service provider organizations. Naturally you are concerned about opening up your client base to possible competitors... so are we! That is why you will want to have  a Service Level Agreement with your Trusted Service Provider Partners that includes a Client Account Management clause. Once everyone agrees who has the Primary Business Relationship with a given client, it is a simple matter to channel all client contacts through the designated client account executive. 

Suddenly you have a vast army of experienced service technicians at your fingertips, AND your service technicians have access to a tidal wave of IT service opportunities from the entire Service Provider Network. Just think about the opportunities to keep everyone busy for their entire shift, and even after hours if they want to pick up some additional work. But the best part is least-cost dispatching: getting the nearest, right technician to the right job at the right price. 

Obviously There Are Some Challenges

This newly emerging model of managed IT services delivery obviously creates some prodigious challenges, like technical competence assurance, professional integrity, client security, management of change logging, technician accountability, time & expense accounting, billing & accounts payable, etc. These are some of the really critical issues that the Service Provider Networks must solve if we are to deliver on the promise of cost effective, timely, outsourced IT services. 

But, we believe that the economic forces of globalization are moving the IT services market inexorably in this direction, and that it is the nimble, well-connected, trusted service providers who will profit from this emerging new model. Because the truth is, there is actually more IT service work waiting to be done than the current model can handle at the price points that IT service consumers are able to pay. This is the market gap that MSP's and MSSP's must learn how to feast on.

We Are Here To Serve

As seasoned IT veterans with lots of experience dealing with 3rd party services from all sides of the table, we are here to serve the needs of the IT community: end users, service providers, technicians, VAR's, vendors, educators... everyone. We love doing what we do best, and we leave the rest for others, equally capable, to do themselves. If you call us with a service request, we will make sure that we have exactly what you need at a price that you can afford, or we will refer you to one of our trusted partners. Either way, you can be assured that your IT needs will be met ASAP.

LANCOPS SecureNET Services, LLC can be contacted at 828-226-0136 for a consultation or emergency technical support.