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Services Available Thru LANCOPS

Our decades of experience in managing SMB & SME corporate computer networks allows us to fully anticipate an organization's highest priority IT services needs. After all, keeping any LAN/WAN fully functioning, secure and dependably available is basically an engineering discipline that is well formulated. Although IT technology innovations and challenges continue to appear with startling rapidity, the general requirements for successful integration into a tightly managed corporate network remain the same: secure standardized configurations, proactive performance monitoring, fast problem resolution, and worst case emergency restoration of systems & services.

Here are some of the critical IT services that we can provide for an organization, most of which are offered under subcontract thru your current MSP or MSSP partner:

  Smart Hands Onsite Break/Fix Technical Support 
  Mobile Help Desk
  Remote Network Monitoring & Management 
  Managed Network Security Monitoring, Patching & Response
  Virus & Spyware Removal - using Multiple Scanners
  Endpoint Security Software Suite - technical support
  Advanced Security Problem Escalation Services
  LAN Infrastructure Troubleshooting, Upgrades & Documentation
  Security Compliance Pre-Audits & Remediation
  Corporate Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Preparation
  Employee Security Awareness Training
  Desktop & Laptop Hard Drive Imaging & Archiving
  Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation
  Commercial WiFi Deploy/Maintain Services
  Internet Connection Troubleshooting & Repair
  PC Migration from Windows XP to Windows 7
  PC Performance Restoration/Optimization

All of these IT services are available on a per hour, per diem or per SLA (Service Level Agreement) monthly/annual contract basis thru a subcontract with your current Primary MSP or MSSP Partner. The rates that we charge are based on your site location(s), number of devices to be managed, and response time required by your organization. As always, we work under the direction of your Primary MSP or MSSP Partner and your designated POC (Point of Contact).

LANCOPS SecureNET Services, LLC can be contacted at 828-226-0136 for a consultation or emergency technical support.