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Does Your Company Depend On Its Computer System?
If your company is like most, then its computer network is a highly critical component in its economic survival. From emailing proposals to processing credit cards, invoicing to accounting, payroll to sales taxes, internet access to website content creation, the list goes on & on. If something goes wrong and your PC goes down, then you are in big trouble until it gets fixed. Do a little math and you can quickly figure out that every minute that it is down is costing your company big time. 
If You Caused the Problem, You Could Lose Your Job
If you used your company-provided PC for something inappropriate and it caused a big, costly problem that affected the entire network, then your boss might hold you personally responsible and show you the door. It is simply a fact of modern business life that people who goof around on a company computer are a threat to the entire organization.
What Can You Do Keep Your Company Productive & Profitable?
Besides staying focused on the job at hand and avoiding potentially damaging actions, you can request a copy of your company's Acceptable Use Policy and proper training in Security Best Practices so that you can use your company PC responsibly & productively. If your company doesn't have an AUP or proper user training in Security Best Practices, then suggest it at your next staff meeting - it could save your job some day!

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Your Source for Security 3.0 Deployment Assistance
If you have valuable data that is either highly proprietary or protected by compliance laws, then you may want to consider upgrading your current computer security system to the emerging Security 3.0 Standard. While this state-of-the-art network security is highly desirable, it is extremely challenging to deploy in a legacy production environment and improper configuration can result in severe stability & performance problems. Deployment Best Practices for bleeding edge technologies dictates that you perform a pilot test rollout to simulate your network environment and look for any potential interoperability problems before attempting a live, system-wide deployment. 

LANCOPS can help you with Security 3.0 technology evaluation, testing and deployment. We can also help you with your move to Virtualization, both server & desktop.

LANCOPS SecureNET Services, LLC can be contacted at 828-226-0136 for a consultation or emergency technical support.