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You have been developing cutting edge Security 3.0 technology, and it has cost you a pretty penny. Alpha testing is completed, but now it is time for some real world Beta Testing. This is the arena where you hope to discover any looming interoperability problems and fix them before the marketing floodgates open. 

With shareholders breathing down your neck for an early product release date, this is the moment when you should go down the hall and check out your technical support staff: your front line defense in the battle for market share. 

If you miss some major interoperability problems during Beta testing, these are the poor souls who will have to make it right - on the fly! So, do the right thing: get it right the first time - submit your beta testing to seasoned pros who will push your products to the breaking point and beyond. And in realistically simulated production environments.

Security 3.0 Integration Lab

Fortunately, you will have at least one really good beta testing choice in the near future. LANCOPS SecureNET Services is seeking partners to create a Security 3.0 Integration Lab to beta test new security products in faithfully reproduced, simulated production environments. Moreover, the lab will be testing the ability of new Security 3.0 products to be successfully integrated into the typical legacy infrastructures that most SMB's & SME's are continuing to maintain. 
Real world testing, in real world production environments, without the pressures of real world production performance & scheduling.

Security 3.0 Product Showcase

When your product is ready to go to market, we would love to present it in our forthcoming Security 3.0 Product Showcase - a hands-on, security product demonstration and learning center. Companies from all over the US and beyond will be able to send their IT personnel for a Security 3.0 hands-on training session with YOUR latest security products. 
They will learn why they need the new features in Security 3.0 technology in our multimedia classroom, and then visit our Product Showcase to try out these products in a safe, simulated business environment. They can even request a formal pilot test rollout and interoperability study project at our Security 3.0 Integration Lab.

LANCOPS SecureNET Services, LLC can be contacted at 828-226-0136 for a consultation or emergency technical support.