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In order to inform end users, network admins, service providers, field service technicians, security specialists and vendors, we will be creating a diverse collection of technical whitepapers on our website. Here we can post valuable information about our most difficult problems, proven solutions & detailed procedures, new product experiences, alpha & beta testing results, SaaS evaluations, and a host of other topics.

We are doing this because we believe in the power of open & free communications between all elements of the IT community, and as veterans in the deployment of "bleeding edge" technologies, we especially value the candid, real world experiences of dedicated professionals.

So, if you want to learn about the Security 2.0 experiences of seasoned IT professionals, then please check back here for the grand opening of our whitepaper listings. In the meantime, here are links to two articles that I wrote for TechTarget that focus on VDI as a security upgrade technology.

In the first article in this VDI security series, I made the case for moving client/server network security back towards the mainframe model, with operating systems, applications, data and the host security suite all residing in the data center on VDI servers.

In the second article, I explored some of the ways cybercriminals successfully breach enterprise security and why deploying monitored Golden VDI Images might be a better approach to locking down client workstations – the blackhat target of choice.

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